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Leuser Ecosystem is the Last Place on Earth where tigers, elephants, rhinos, and orangutans exist together in the wild. This new short film series takes the audience to the world’s most critical frontline battles in the War on Nature—from Africa to the Amazon, the jungles of the Leuser Ecosystem on the island of Sumatra to the coral reefs of the Derawan Archipelago—to meet the real Heroes in Protection battling to save the planet.

Heroes in Protection profiled in War on Nature: Sumatra include Farwiza Farhan of HaKA Sumatra, a TIME 100 Awardee in 2023, who has dedicated her life to protecting the lands, people and wildlife of Leuser Ecosystem. In her fight to save our planet, Farwiza has faced massive illegal palm oil plantations, forest clearing, wildlife poaching, and fights against corruption plaguing the race to protect The Last Place on Earth Leuser Ecosystem “Without these Heroes in Protection, the Earth would not stand a chance against humankind’s War on Nature,” said Jeff Morgan, Founder and Executive Director of Global Conservation. “Without the direct support of Global Conservation, many endangered UNESCO World Heritage sites, National Parks, Indigenous Territories, and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in developing countries face daunting

challenges for survival.”

War on Nature - Sumatra
Global Conservation

War on Nature - Sumatra

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