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Join us on a journey to Murchison Falls, Uganda's gem in wildlife tourism, where the battle against poaching is more critical than ever. Global Conservation stands at the forefront, sponsoring Hilton's mission and supporting the protection of Murchison Falls National Park through our innovative Global Park Defense system. Learn about the remarkable recovery efforts initiated by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and the Ugandan Conservation Foundation (UCF) since 2010. In 2018, Global Conservation deployed the Global Park Defense program, leveraging technology and community-based enforcement to safeguard the park's biodiversity. Despite the ongoing threat of poaching, our efforts have yielded promising results. From the resurgence of elephants and Rothschild giraffes to the preservation of Uganda's diverse wildlife, our commitment remains unwavering. With your support, we can continue to combat poaching and ensure the longevity of Uganda's unique biodiversity. Join us in our mission by visiting and getting involved today. Together, let's protect our planet's most precious ecosystems.

War on Nature - Uganda
Global Conservation

War on Nature - Uganda

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